Drew Binsky Uncensored

48 Hours with the Mundari Tribe of South Sudan

Watch the FULL UNCENSORED version of the “Cow Tribe of South Sudan” video, plus deleted scenes and uncut footage (54 minutes), by donating what feels right. This is the biggest production I’ve ever made, and sadly it got flagged & demonetized on YouTube for graphics scenes (i.e. urine shower) that are in fact, just showing the real-life culture of this tribe. With your contribution, my team and I will be able to create even more impactful documentaries about the indigenous communities of Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and the D.R. Congo! Thank you so much for helping me tell these stories and supporting the creator economy as a whole. I promise to keep working as hard as I can to produce the most eye-opening and inspiring travel documentaries on the internet.

Travel safe, be spontaneous and JUST GO.

– Drew Binsky

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To watch this documentary, please donate just $5!

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TRAVEL COSTS This includes flights, hotels & transportation for my camera crew and myself, as well as fees for local guides, which was roughly $8,000 for this video.

POST PRODUCTION Labor costs for my team of 4 full-time editors, Daniel, Graham, Gage and Joe, who live in Atlanta. This includes editing, motion graphics, music, color, and the total cost was around $15,000 to tell this story.

DONATIONS This includes over $2,000 USD in food, supplies and cash donations that I provided to the Mundari Tribe. I also provide donations with all past and future tribes that I visit as well.


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Thank you for your contribution!

I am so grateful for your support as a YouTube creator and independent filmmaker.

Your generosity allows me to continue producing content with my team, and share the best stories about culture and humanity around the world. I am truly humbled by the love and encouragement I receive from my viewers and I am continuously inspired to create more meaningful and impactful work.

Thank you again and enjoy this story from South Sudan!